Landking WP series Euro III,IV truck engine

Date: 20 Mar 2009

Landking——power brand of high technology of Weichai Power, is a representative of highest power technology in the world and of theory of cleanness and environment protection.

  Landking (Euro III) series Diesel Engines, researched and developed independently by Weichai and AVL and co-designed with international parts supplier, is a flagship product designed with the frontline science and technology of internal combustion engine, is the most mature and reliable Euro III engine which is capable of Euro IV, V emission standard.

  Landking Euro (III) N series Diesel Engines bring the rated speed down to 1900rpm, which leads to a great technical breakthrough reaching international leading level in the economy, power, reliability, comfort etc.. Landking (Euro III) N series engines now include WP10NWP12N etc., which cover a power range from 240 to 480 ps.

  The four break through of Landking Euro III N series engine

  The economical break through

  Weichai Landking Euro III series engine

  (1) Speed down to 1900 rpm to achieve a wider area of low fuel consumption;

  (2) The 1900rpm power assembly matchHigher drive ratio, larger area of low fuel consumption;

  (3) Individualized market and product makes the fuel consumption the vehicle even lower;

  The three reasons above make the fuel consumption of Landking Euro III N series engine even lower than the Euro II series.

  Power breakthrough


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