long roller bearings

Date: 04 Sep 2009
   Long Cylindrical roller bearings consist of inner ring,outer ring,cage and long cylindrical rollers. Contact way between roller and ring of long cylindrica roller bearings is lingtype.comparing with common cylindrical roller bearings, it can have the feature of bearing greater load, good toughness and small 变型.permiting a elevation angle on axes between inner ring and outer ring,otherwise, line contact will be broken between roller and face of raceway. Long Cylindrical Roller Bearings are suitable for the equipment of limit radial dimension and low rotate speed.
Except some main structure, there are some derivative structures, like no outer ring or inner ring, also at same time,there no inner ring and outer ring ,or there are inner and outer ring with rib,and long double row cylindrical roller bearings and three row cylindrical roller bearings.

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