Intelligence Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for Pumping Unit

Date: 07 Aug 2009
The OSVFD Intelligence Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for Pumping Unit is developed by Dongying Orientsun Electric Co., ltd. You can adjust the stroke of pumping units locally or remotely through parameters of dynamometer cards, liquid level, motor active power, flow rate, pressure and so on. It can improve fillage of pumping units. It can save 30% of electricity cost under the same time and same liquid producing. It can also save the cost of maintain and operation. The equipment is patented product and it fill the blank of China.
1.input all oil well data into converter before startup.
2.input all the testing results into converter from dynamometer, echo meter and power testing instrument, flow meter and pressure gauge.
3.Operator can set different frequency according to parameters on the LCD screen of converter: dynamotor card, static and working liquid level, plunger depth, motor nameplate power, active power, flow rate and pressure and so on. Once setting frequency, we will get a responding dynamometer card. According to comparison of graphs, we will get a perfect dynamometer frequency as motor working frequency.
4.The parameters of converter can be set by filed staff, or can be set by experienced engineer through wireless communication.
5.There are dynamometer card, producing level, and power consumption displaying on the LCD screen from top to bottom. Users can compare producing level and power consumption with different frequency intuitively.
As the same time, it also displays three voltages, three currents, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, temperature, pressure and flow rate and other usersa€? needing data.
6.The converter has protections of overload, under load, three current unbalance , short circuit, over current and undercurrent.
7.The converter has USB connector. It can get oil well data from U disk and can realize data sharing through LAN.
8.When motor rotating speed surpasses synchronous speed, cut the output power of converter. The pumping unit will slide by gravity. When the speed is near to zero, restart motor and let it run in a low speed.
9.The VFD has power frequency and converting frequency. If converter is damaged, converter the switch, the VFD will work under converting frequency.
Technical Parameters:
1.Input frequency???45???55 Hz???
2.Input voltage rating???380V?±15%???
3.Output frequency range???5 Hz???60 Hz???
4.Output frequency resolution???0.01 Hz???
5.Overload capacity???120% for 1 minute  150% protection immediately???
6.Acceleration and deceleration time???0.1???300s???
7.Operating temperature???-20 ??? +50a?????
8.Storing and transporting temperature???-40???+70a?????
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OrientSun Electric Co., Ltd
No.69Dengzhou Road,Dongying [257091]
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