Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) for ESP

Date: 07 Aug 2009
This Series VFD is specially designed for the smart controlling of Electric Submersible Pump (ESP).
Input and output structure: Low Voltage(VFD)-High Voltage(Output Transformer)
1.This series provides higher converter efficiency with optimized PWM(Pulse-Width Modulation) technology.
2.Fluctuating voltage protection
3.Converting/Power Frequency switching device
4.The modularized Commutating Units and Inverter units are designed in compact structure
5.The specialized CPU provides comprehensive control over all operating period
6.Provides continual, comprehensive monitoring of malfunctions
7.Provides easy and extensive troubleshooting with alarming and protecting functions
8.Provides standard sinusoidal output waveform
Service Conditions:
1. Altitude: Maximum 1000 meters
2. Ambient temperature: a€“25a?? ??? +50a??
3. Relative Humidity: 20%???90% non-condensing
4. Enclosure:IP20???or as usera€?s requirement??‰
5. No explosive and flammable material, no electric dust and gases which making metal corroded, destroying insulation and causing explosion in surrounding environment.
Technical Parameters???
1.Input voltage range: 380V???480V
2.Output voltage range: 0.8kV???4.0kV
3.Power: 30kW???400kW
4..Output frequency range: 0Hz???60Hz
5.Dimension: 800mm(W)*600mm(D) *1800mm(H)
5.Wight: 355kg(90kW).
Four. Parameters of Transformer:
1.Working voltage: Input voltage range: 380V???480V
Output voltage range: 800V???2500V 2000V???4000V
2.Working frequency: 20Hz???60Hz; 15Hz???55Hz;
3.Capacity: 80kVA???800kVA
4.Insulation Class: A
5.Cooling: Oil-immersed Self-Cooling
Contact information:
OrientSun Electric Co., Ltd
No.69Dengzhou Road,Dongying [257091]
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